Brand Manager

Leverage our branding services across all external communications to establish a unique identity for new or existing nonprofit organizations.




Incorporate brand identity universally for your nonprofit

Upload your logo, color palette, and typefaces as well as create custom buttons and backgrounds.

Use these assets across all your nonprofit’s fundraising and marketing initiatives to visually tell your story and enhance your vision. 

Incorporate brand identity universally for your nonprofit



Build brand recognition

Add custom brand elements to all your emails, fundraising pages, and social media graphics so donors have a cohesive brand experience — no matter which channel they’re engaging with you on. 

Build brand recognition



Communicate with third parties

Create a style guide to send potential partners or event spaces to give them an introduction to your brand.

Effectively share your vision and needs in external communications, so you have more successful fundraising initiatives.

Communicate with third parties



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Feature - Brand Manager

Ready to establish your nonprofit's brand identity?

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